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Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools Training

100% Outdoors!

Learn Wild Courses

I deliver a variety of courses., all fully outdoors. My main courses are detailed below and there are dates, venues and costs in the course diary page. I can also deliver any of these courses In your own setting. with a minimum of 6 people

These are just some examples of what can be provided, but I would be happy to chat over ideas with you. Most of my work is centred around Perthshire and central Scotland, but I can travel further afield if required.

Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioner Award

This qualification is nationally recognised and allows you to design and run your own Forest Schools Programmes. The course consists of an initial 5 day Training course followed by a 2 Day First Aid course and a 4 day Development week. The course takes around 12 months to complete. Part of the course consists of a portfolio of evidence which requires around 30 hours of personal study.

Level 2 Forest Schools Assistant

This qualification is nationally recognised and allows you to work as a Forest School Assistant. This means allows you to increase the number of children attending a Forest School programme and provided invaluable support during the planning and delivery of sessions. If you choose to do the level 2 qualification, and then decide you want to carry on and do the level 3, you can then attend the development week and first aid training.  

Level 1 Forest Schools Award

This is a nationally recognised qualification. The course is aimed at those with limited experience of working outdoors with groups. The three days should help you build up confidence working in a woodland environment with groups as well as introducing you using a variety of hand tools safely. Woodland Ecosystems and risk assessment will also be covered. All these things will be introduced in a "Forest School Way" allowing you to experience the ethos of Forest Schools There is a portfolio element to this course, but most participants hand it in on day 3!

Fires and Outdoor Cooking

Learn how to light, manage and extinguish fires - from small 5 minute fires to big cooking fires. Discover the wonders of the kelly kettle and enjoy a brew in the forest. We'll ale cook up a fantastic 3 course meal, which we will then enjoy! Finally we'll look at how all this can be taught to children and how to risk assess such activities to ensure they exciting and meaningful but safe!

Risk Assessment in the Outdoors

"Childrens' play is crucial to Scotland's wellbeing: socially, economically and environmentally" Play Scotland

Allowing children the freedom to play and learn involves allowing them to take risks. But as professionals we have to ensure that these risks are appropriate. this one day course looks at how to assess and manage risk and how to write risk assessments for outdoor play and learning that are relevant, workable. It will also look at how we actually use these risk assessments in practice, so they don't just become relics in a file in the office!

Wild storytelling

Discover he wonders of outdoor storytelling. We'll look at lots of different ways that stories can be used in the woods and will also look at ways that children can create and share their own stories using natural materials.  

Wild adventures

A fantastic day in the woods, giving you a basic toolkit of outdoor activities for children. We'll look at how to create contexts outdoors and how inspire children to learn